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Schenk announces its newest Stijle range at IWF Atlanta

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August 24, 2016–(Atlanta, GA)-Schenk, the North American leader in contemporary design, today unveiled its Stijle BRERA collection at IWF 2016. The announcement strengthens Schenk’s reputation as one of North America’s most forward thinking companies in cabinet and furniture design.

Brera is the most fashionable and ultra-trendy neighbourhood in Milan. Stijle BRERA by Schenk, is the most fashionable and trend setting contemporary door and drawer panel. Stijle BRERA is what the design community has been seeking, and now it is available exclusively through Schenk.

BRERA has brought the integrated handle back. It is sleek, contemporary, and fresh. “It was the next natural progression for product introduction by Schenk”, says Melanie Sharpe, Director of Product Development. “We saw the need for BRERA. We worked very closely with our partners in Europe to develop this product, and in turn we have a gorgeous new addition to our range. We are extremely proud and very excited about this launch”.

According to Warren Cleaver, Schenk’s Director of Sales, “it is a win-win. A beautiful clean line, an innovative aesthetic with function, plus, from a more pragmatic perspective, it simplifies installation by eliminating the need for a separate handle or profile. BRERA defines everything that is Schenk, and our manufactured line Stijle. Contemporary, cutting edge, and functional”, says Cleaver. “Naturally, those who are the first to embrace BRERA will be, by extension, recognized as the contemporary design leaders in their various markets” he explains.

Stijle BRERA is available in three colours; Legno D’Argenta, Nocciola, and Portobello. The range will expand to include solids and additional grain options in the first quarter of 2017.

About Schenk

Schenk is North America’s leader in contemporary design, serving the A&D and millwork communities since 1968. Schenk manufactures contemporary cabinet doors and interior design elements under the brand Stijle.